frequently asked questions


A child development center is a place where children can learn and grow in a safe and nurturing environment. It provides educational activities, social interaction, and support for children’s physical, cognitive, and emotional development.

Our child development center caters to children between the ages of 6 weeks to 12 years. We have different programs designed specifically for each age group to meet their developmental needs.

Absolutely! The safety and well-being of your child are our top priorities. Our center is equipped with safety features, such as secure entrances, surveillance cameras, and childproofed environments. Our staff members are trained in CPR and first aid, and they undergo background checks to ensure your child’s safety.

Our teachers are highly qualified and experienced in early childhood education. They have relevant certifications, such as degrees in early childhood education, and undergo continuous professional development to stay up-to-date with the best practices in child development.

Yes, we have designated naptime for younger children. We provide a comfortable and quiet space for children to rest and recharge during the day. Naptime helps them maintain their energy levels and promotes healthy growth and development.

Our child development center is open from Monday to Friday, from 6:30am to 5:00pm. We offer both full-day and half-day programs to accommodate different scheduling needs.